October 25, 2013

I'm Inspired!

I want to go back to America to fight for the future.

I feel sad for what has happened to the image of America. I am amazed at the continuous lies that Obama is telling us. I am inspired to change the country for the better. America is an incredible people. BUT, I can't do anything from inside a jail cell. I know that if I return to America and fight to improve the country, I would be taken out by gun or by a police officer who chose not to follow the law.

I wouldn't do anything illegal, but they would eject me from society for doing much worse... for speaking out against the state.

I watched the last large scale political protest by "the people." I was not impressed with the Occupy movement. Watching them speak, I felt pity for their lack of eloquence. They had no clear plan or goal. They were frustrated and angry and needed to express their frustration. Over time, the movement fizzled out. The New York City park was closed for cleaning by the mayor and the protests around the country lost their followers.

I feel the rage of those protestors, but for the opposite reason. The protestors of the Occupy Wall Street movement were angry because they were not part of the 1%. They were jealous of the lawyers, the investment bankers, the actuaries and computer programmers who make high salaries. They felt left out. I feel very differently. I believe that the successful are being given increasing burdens.

Obama's idea is that if everyone can't be in the 1%, then no one should be successful. Instead, we should make every American, ordinary. What a disgusting perspective! I am extraordinary. So is Tommy, Matt, Julie, Annie and every other American who sees themself as a powerful being. How can Obama call himself a leader if the goal is to hold Americans back?

People were made to fly, to fulfill their potential. People were made to think inventively, to share ideas, to better themselves, and to improve... everything. How can this be done if we are all to be equal? Competition is a beautiful thing. Without it, there would be no yardstick to measure what is good. Let's not bust the kneecaps of the best in order to give the slow ones a chance. Let's create a situation of abundance. When the successful help others, they too can improve their circumstances. It is not necessary to decide who gets how much of the pie. Instead, let's expand the pie, and everyone can get a larger slice.


  1. It's ironic that Obama, who became President by competing and excelling at it, is the advocate of leveling in health care, more progressive taxation, and redistribution. The left sees this as noble self-sacrifice, but it can just as plausibly be seen as hypocrisy and grandiosity. In Obama's case, there is a tone of grandiosity and condescension. Although he campaigned as the champion of post-partisanship, he has not deigned to work across the aisle. He is the willing prisoner of the most partisan segment of his party. This happened because he never really believed in the bi-partisanship or the idealogical neutrality that he preached. He was really of the left from the very beginning, with no appreciation of, or respect for the conservative viewpoint. Unlike Reagan or Clinton, he is a partisan before he is a national leader.

  2. I remember you arguing that Obama was way left of his moderate stance while campaigning for his first term. He tricked voters into believing his post-partisan lie.

    I argue Obama's manufacturing the partisan divide in my Oct 1 post:

    The media is fiercely pro-Obama which has greatly affected the populace. I hope that this swing so far to the left will be the cause of a return to the freedom that the founders of America stood for. If this happens, I will no longer feel like a political refugee. I will be able to return to America.