October 17, 2013

America under martial law

America will be under martial law within the next 10 years.

That means that the military will take over and people will not be free to go to the store. Business owners will not be allowed to set their own prices. You will be severely limited in the money you can take out of the country. You will be a slave to the state, but it will be different than it is now because the gun to you head will be literal, not figurative as it is now.

It is a fascinating time to be American, especially abroad. The hatred is seething. If you go to Australia, you will feel the hatred constantly as they aggressively tell you how stupid Americans are. They will go on for an hour if you let them.

Europeans feel they have a moral superiority and think that it is insane that anyone would disagree with Barack Obama's plans to create a welfare state. The Europeans always argue that government health care works in their country, why are the Republicans stepping in front of the ultimate good, helping people.

The Chinese government has the childish idea that if you cross them, you will pay when you're not looking. They are certain that they are the greatest people on Earth but are somehow cheated out of the title due to American cultural imperialism through pop culture. The Chinese are starting to pounce. They see American spy programs that we learned from them, and write scathing articles in the government-run newspapers about de-Americanizing the world.

America as we know it is in its final days. However, people around the world, including Americans, have misplaced their hatred of American government hypocrisy for hatred of individuals with an American passport. You will find that the number of Canadian travellers is increasing. This has nothing to do with Canada, it is a result of an increasing number of Americans telling people they are Canadian to side-step the hatred that they feel every time they say where they are from.

At a certain point, it gets old answering where you're from, receiving hatred, and agreeing with the moral arguments made about your country. Americans will engage and have a lot more to say about American politics and economics than the non-American who wants you to know how horrible you are. For this reason, we claim to be Canadian.

American governmental choices are not the choices of American individuals. We are completely powerless in the political process. It's not our fault. We live in a one-party state. The last Presidential election that didn't end in a Republican/Democrat victory was 1848.

The Republicans and Democrats both believe in taking money from individuals and using them for their own causes. They want to spend on different things, which is why you see the idea that there are two parties fighting it out. Americans are given the choice to vote for candidates for four-year terms who after being elected, have no reason to follow the people's will. Their job is to get re-elected.

Unfortunately though, rhetoric is worth much more to voters than action. Just look at Barack Obama; he has accomplished nothing of value, but was elected for a second term. He is an inexperienced politician and doesn't have plans behind his feel good rhetoric. He says, let's give poor people medical insurance, but doesn't have a plan for how to accomplish the task.

When the cost is higher than it had been before his new law, he has a website built that crashes before letting consumers see the new higher premium for lower coverage. Obama will go down in history as a national mistake if not the cause of the complete obliteration of America.

We are refugees searching for what was promised to us. Growing up, we were told we would have prosperity. I guess they were right, we just have to figure out which country to get it from.


  1. Much of the animosity toward America in the world is envy. The sincerest expression of the world's view of America has been the mass migration of people from all corners of the world to America from the mid-19th century to the 1920s, when quotas were established, and the continued legal and illegal immigration after that. They came for freedom and opportunity, which were in short supply where they came from. I submit that America is still one of the freest countries in the world. The data collection by the NSA, which the Chinese government has hypocritically criticized, is used to protect Americans from violence, not to protect the government from criticism, as it is in China. Opportunity in America has declined in the agricultural and industrial sectors, which have declined since the times of the great migrations. Other sectors, such as technology, health care and finance have grown, but except at the highest level, they do not offer as widespread opportunity for upward mobility as the agricultural and industrial sectors did. Increasing government control in the health care and finance sectors limit opportunity for upward mobility there, although there still is much opportunity in the finance sector. Oil and gas, construction and real estate and small business still offer opportunity for success in some parts of the country. However there is a general sense that opportunity for college graduates on well-worn paths in business and the professions has declined. If America is to increase its level of opportunity, government will need to understand that programs that increase the tax and regulator burdens on business, in an effort to increase equality, also decrease the level of opportunity in the country. The left seems oblivious to this effect, because they don't really care much about creating opportunity, and the right has done a poor job of articulating it, because they have allowed their articulation of it to be an expression of callow self-interest. It falls to the younger generation to make the case for reducing the burdens of regulation and taxation as a matter of good policy.

    Gary from Florida

  2. Hi Gary from Florida,

    The younger generation would do well to simply leave the country. I see this as simply being pragmatic. America is not a country that imbues within its people a drive to serve for the good of the whole. Aspiring for government service therefore is left for only the most ego-centric.

    NSA spying is to protect Americans against violence? The NSA doesn't need to throw a net over 320 million people to stop another 9/11. I grew up expecting the right to privacy and don't feel that a few acts of individuals should decrease the quality of life for everybody. Fear is used to subjugate the people, it is bad for the economy. It is however a great engine for economic growth if the goal is war.