October 1, 2013

Whose fault is the government shutdown?

Barack Obama has been a light upon the nation. He brought us together on his campaign with a 'we shall overcome' platform. He has successfully encouraged Americans to alter their views toward a more European style of government. His method has been to divide the nation between good and evil, have and have not.

The true cause of the government shutdown can be traced back to the 2008 Presidential election where we saw the beginning of a partisan divide that has created a stalemate destroying progress. This is not a short-term problem. Obama has engineered the Republicans and Democrats to be mortal enemies. He has been a successful puppet master. The issues are no longer a central factor in government policy. The question is one of whether the Democrats or Republicans 'won'. This is made clear in the rhetoric from politicians as they constantly discuss the other party more than their thesis in a speech.

The 'us vs them' mentality has spread beyond politics. It now separates people based on personal finances. The successful are vilified. It is more popular to be poor, using tax-payer money to buy food and housing via entitlements than it is to be a high earning tax-paying citizen footing the bill for those who are not working.

The successful have a few choices to avoid mainstream bullying. They are to pretend they are poor, accept the title of morally inferior, or leave the country. This dilemma will cause a brain drain, not just in loss of talented citizens, but in having them choose less productive paths. Young brilliant Americans won't become entrepreneurs and job creators, but instead, they will take on the role of comrades taking jobs that support the will of the state. Young minds are easily molded by the well-intentioned.

Unfortunately, the longer the charade goes on, the more our future leaders will be influenced by statist propaganda. The nation has been fractured and divided into two distinct sides. It is time for drastic action because America is on fire.

The government shutdown may be the solution. If the two sides can't negotiate and the country defaults on their debt, we'll see major changes. Irresponsible countries with high debt loads and trade deficits will be hurt. Their currencies will be affected and the hierarchy of world's economy will shift. It'll be tough for a time, but it would be an opportunity to get the garbage out of the system, and start anew.

It's morning in America, we just have to see it through the ash.

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