May 1, 2015


encouragement one pic/day - like food porn (use pinterest and pre-set w/ a programmer), build encouragement community (no whining)

get inspiration and post it:
3 good things

interior design
chocolate bars
body biz
online education
post vids on youtube
hair - pic/day
curriculum for kids about bodies in P.E. class

January 29, 2015

Why title when it can be left blank

I have no sense of self. I am not living. I am simply floating and am surrounded by others who are too deluded to realize the irony of their routine. Why is it ironic what they do? They do not understand the ridiculousness of their folly. They do not arrive anywhere. There is no coming or going. They are in a rush for no apparent reason. They create problems and anxiety over misplaced forks when these forks truly belong in their hearts.

October 20, 2014

Destruction of education

Technology is the problem in the classroom. The intent to be innovative, to do the new-fangled thing, and bring students onto the internet is the new wave. Homework is done on the computer with programs that don't allow flexibility of method. Essays are graded by algorithm without human intervention. The dehumanization of education is upon us. Students are required to shape-shift into the necessary mold to move on. The loss of paper and pencil, creativity, and interest is the destruction of opportunity for learning.