October 24, 2013

Are you doomed?

It's a glorious time to be alive. The developed world is falling apart due to the few trying to rule the many. Politicians in America, Europe and Japan have lost control of their financial systems and are choosing economic destruction. The selfish desire to retain power has caused a short term mindset in our leaders which has destroyed productivity and caused a "future" problem. To fix the present, they have decided to steal the future.

There are several ways to deal with this. The mainstream chooses to continue to live as though they can't do much about the problems that are clearly on the horizon. Others can see what is coming, but don't know what to do. Finally, there are those who see the challenge as an opportunity. This is a the moment that will define our future, our children's future, and their children's future. It is time to make a statement. Each day, we have a choice to ignore, to accept, or to fight. I choose to fight for my life. The beauty of not knowing how long you have is that you are forced to be bold in order not to waste your life.

We must take risks and learn to break down the barriers of the past that restrain the future. The choices that are made in the present will have drastic effects on the next decade. This is why we live in such an exciting time. The oppression by our political and economic overloads provides us with the opportunity to make drastic changes. Once the people realize en masse that the wrong choices are being made, they will stand up to the powerful and force a revolution.

Technology is the medium to restore our freedom. Bitcoin frees us from the inflation caused by manipulated fiat currency of central banks. 3D printing allows individuals to become their own manufacturers. The Internet makes ideas accessible to all and lets everyone participate in their creation. Social media allows people to build on these ideas and collaborate with others to solve problems. Online education and homeschooling coops allow people to drastically reduce government brainwashing of their children. The structures are in place to take back our lives.

Decreasing dependency on central government planning is the first step to breaking the shackles that limit us. We don't have to remain zombies to a system the decides our path for us. The battle has already begun whether you admit it or not. Do you have the courage to accept the challenge to reclaim your stolen future?

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