March 29, 2014

What Crossfit Open 14.5 is really about

The number of Crossfit movements that make sense for the 200,000 Crossfit Open competitors were dwindling after the first four workouts. The twittersphere was speculating and thrusters and burpees were expected on the menu. What came out however was an unexpected twist:

March 21, 2014

Dave Castro was wrong about Crossfit Open 14.4

We have a classic Crossfit chipper for our 14.4 Crossfit Open workout. After the workout was announced and Josh Bridges and Scott Panchik put on a show for us, Dave Castro predicted that most people would to get to 180 and then struggle with the muscle ups. That's not going to happen in my box!

March 17, 2014

On becoming a better Crossfitter

The major limiting factor for Crossfit athletes is not muscular endurance, but instead limited access to oxygen during a WOD. I find myself hunched over hoping to be able to breathe so I can get back to the bar sooner. Imagine doing cleans or snatches at a light weight, maybe 60%. Form doesn't break down, but after a bunch of reps, all you need is air. I don't think I would pass out if I kept working, rather coordination disappears and without it, no Olympic lift is going to happen with anything but an empty bar.

This is the my main challenge with light barbell WODs. I know that my muscles are fine, but the lungs can't keep up. Mikko Salo the Finn and Crossfit Games champion in 2009 claims that his legendary engine was build with 40 minute trail runs. Mikko is an incredible runner, but he is also a fireman, rescue diver and helps his dad lift antique furniture that weigh 500-1000 lbs each. There may be more to his engine than trail runs.

Mikko Salo

March 14, 2014

Everyone is wrong about the Crossfit Open's 14.3

The third workout of the Crossfit Games Open (14.3) is gorgeous. So much so that the masses are complaining. These workouts are clearly the best. If Crossfitters are complaining about Dave Castro's programming, it means one of two things.

March 7, 2014

Why can't you speak English?

The locals where I currently live don't speak English. They have no fear of outside forces invading and taking over their freedom. They are self-sufficient with quality farmland, cheap manufacturing, and create TV, movies, and music in their own language. They have no need to borrow culture, trade goods, or prostrate themselves to a globalized world. They don't need your services and are unapologetic about not speaking English to foreigners no matter what country they come from.