May 3, 2014

Welcome to hell

It all seems pretty silly to me -- the constructs of behavior we squeeze ourselves into. We join together in a common bond of contraction acting one way when we are another. So little is genuine, so much forced and done to fit an expectation.

Socializing is intentional which makes it invalid. The consideration to go to spend time with others because it is somehow better is to kill the value of the relationship. If the other person weren't there, it would be someone else. This is the crux of the issue. Choosing interaction is not natural.

What would make more sense is to interact with others based on situation and location. When there is a purpose to speak, great. Do it. When there is not, don't force it. Rarely does it accomplish anything beyond fitting into molds people place on themselves based on societal pressures.

Following them is to kill yourself. It is to disappear from your purpose and become another. There is no purpose to be on earth if you choose to liquify and pour yourself into the mold. This is the case for social situations and for work. We dress to fit a character based on our situation and location, changing clothes like the chameleon we play.

Does it hurt? YES! It makes humans confused at themselves and at everything around them. How can they understand themselves if they are simply a product of the surroundings? What is the point of existing at all? There is no difference if it's you, or the next human on the conveyor belt.

You are special! Really? How can teachers, and parents, and religious institutions continue to torture children by telling them that they are special, and then expect them to destroy the uniqueness by forcing them into a box? You choose your path, that of the world or of something else. Choosing the something else is the key to escape. In our world, even if you are good at many things, you must choose one or two and pretend that the rest doesn't exist.

This is the purpose of society's game. To choose one and hit it hard to prove value. Then once you've chosen a focus, you fit deeply into a mold and vanish.

Welcome to the world. Welcome to hell.

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