May 24, 2014

The Power of the Eyes

I live in a country where they don't think I speak their language. Though this may seem frustrating, it has advantages. I was walking down the street and was coming face-to-face with a lady trying to sell something to passersby. However, rather than display a product, I think she was trying to sell something much more abstract. We locked eyes.

She had the determination of a long-time salesman bloodied through many battles with prospects as she tried to wring blood from the hearts of a stone cold disinterested public. I saw her and knew that if I wanted, I could have her. I could sell her. The instant we locked eyes, I knew I held the power.

The reason for this power had nothing to do with my ravishing good looks or my unshakable confidence. It wasn't a language barrier that prevented her from going on the attack. She learned English in school and surely memorized her sales pitch in English, but instead I gave her the look that said, "You're mine" and walked on by.

She shot me a shy smile and I knew that she wanted more. She wanted to engage, she wanted to test her meddle, she wanted a piece of this. I could have given it to her, but instead, I walked away as she could only stare in wonder at what could've been.

This power I hold is not only about language, or skin color, it is my training. I know through experience that I can take what I want. If I choose to pursue, what I want will be mine. I have the ability to make the world shift to my needs. Not only does this work with women, but it is about dominance over everything. It is a skill learned by putting oneself through difficult experiences and coming out on top. It is a fight won through learning languages and cultures uncommonly sought after. It is a dominance over other humans learned through time.

This woman could be mine. Maybe one day she'll be lucky enough to get a taste.

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