November 1, 2013

The Chinese are taking over the world

One Chinese person is a dragon, two Chinese people are worms. The meaning of this expression has various depths of meaning. It is a reminder to Chinese people that we must work together. One Chinese person has unlimited strength and power, but when we are at odds with one another, the result is becoming incredibly weak. It is also a reminder of the superiority of having a one party system over one with more parties that work against each other. In business, when one Chinese person has a successful massage parlor, another Chinese will see this success and open another massage parlor next door. The result is often the failure of both businesses. Product copycatting is one of the greatest risks of our time in the age of a rising China.

China is history's world greatest power. We have risen and fallen as a nation again and again. Kingdoms come and go, but it is our history and culture that is our greatest strength. Unfortunately the Chinese economy is not doing well at the moment and the one of the major causes is the ignoring of our culture. Taiwan has a tiny land area, but is rich and productive with a much higher GDP per capita than we have in China. They remember their culture, follow Chinese traditions and have a democracy in which government officials fight intensely, but hang out after work and have a beer together. In some ways, I am envious of Taiwan. In China, we don't see Taiwan as a separate country from China, but it is clear to me that the holding onto traditional Chinese culture is a key to their economic success and a cause to their civility to one another which we are currently lacking in China.

One of my biggest frustrations is the way my government treats its own people. It treats us like we are stupid. But in reality, the Chinese government is stupid. They attempt to brainwash us by putting the same programs on every channel about how everyone around the world is suffering and how hard-working, successful government officials are making China a great nation. We are proud of our country, but we see what is. We know our potential, but we also know who we are. Chinese are less afraid to speak our minds about the government than we used to be. We still cannot discuss our mistrust for the government openly, but in classrooms, when travelling abroad and within the home, it is a major topic.

We want access to Facebook, Twitter and social media. Why is it that countries in the Middle East get to have revolutions using the information sharing power of twitter, but not China? Chinese people work... hard! We have a great history, a great culture, a beautiful language, and the world China in Chinese means country in the center of the world (Zhong guo). Despite this, we struggle. Pollution levels are disgraceful, inflation is rampant, and many factory workers choose suicide as they see no difference in starving to death due to not having enough money to keep up with rising prices and simply taking their own lives. Life is hard in China. The government continues its rhetoric about how we must work together and sacrifice ourselves for the growth of the nation, but screw that. I want to have a good life! I want to move to America! Recently, my American friend told me about his experience in America, and the reason he chooses to live abroad. Maybe America isn't as free as I thought it was. But its gotta be better than China, right? I just don't know. I just don't know.


  1. There is no question that there is more freedom in America than in China. America has access to Facebook, Twitter, social media and numerous newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and blogs. Pollution and inflation are minimal. The NSA surveillance is a red herring; it simply doesn't affect anyone who is not looking for opportunities for terrorism. The largest problem that America is facing is the shortage of employment opportunities for people with low skills and the difficulty in finding employment opportunities for people with high skills in the humanities. However people with high skills in the humanities can get jobs in teaching or, with additional education, in law, business or journalism.

  2. Loss of confidence in the US government will cause a brain drain at home and short-sightedness in foreign policy will make enemies around the world.