June 7, 2014

The Game

Life is a prison. You are stuck forever and there is no escape outside of death. The pressure to win is constant and neverending. However, winning is a farce. It is impossible to reach as a small win only makes the player hungry for more.

What is the escape hatch? How can we release the heavy burden on our backs? How do we remove the shackles that prevent mobility? Is it death? Is it disappearing from society, and shying away from human contact? Is escape ever final, or is it a rouse that only makes the game more difficult when it's time to rejoin society.

Travel is a method to determine how other cultures view the game. It seems that not everyone knows that rules of the hideous game. They live happily and peacefully, without the self-destructive misery. This knowledge that another way exists only frustrates the player. Did they escape the game at birth? What fortune! How can we enter their mind space?

To join them outside, do we have to lose at the game? Can we reenter or are we lost forever? Having seen those who escaped to the other realm, but returned, it becomes clear that they are far behind where they had been. They dropped many levels and are disoriented. They've forgotten how to play, but have no choice but to rejoin. There is no other option when thrown back inside the game.

Can you outsmart your way out of the game AND win? Is it possible to win and then escape? I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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