December 5, 2013

Why it's dangerous to outlaw guns

I am not a gun owner or advocate. Frankly, when someone shows me a gun, I ask them to please put it away so I don't have to run for my life. I don't like guns and think they are dangerous, but I feel strongly that you have a right to have one.

It's not my place to bear judgment of what you do with your life for two reasons. (1) I don't care. (2) That would be a lot of worrying if I had to concern myself with everyone else and what they are doing. I guess my election campaign was stillborn before it even started.

New York City just outlawed big guns. This is one of the dumbest moves regarding guns that the government could have made. Gun ownership, like abortion, is an issue of such importance to proponents that it causes visceral reactions. People will go to extremes when they feel pushed into a corner. Like a rabid pitbull being attacked, expect all hell to break loose.

After 2013, owning a rifle in NYC will be illegal. Those who choose to hold onto their weapons will become outlaws. As law enforcement now feels that they have momentum on their side, they will begin to confiscate guns. Letters went out to gun owners including a list of the specific guns that that owner has.

Police will go around attempting to pick up weapons from those who don't comply. Trying to take someone's weapon is the greatest insult, like spitting on their God or insulting their mother. The initiative to eliminate guns from NYC will end badly. The cops will visit people to pick up their guns, and I expect a Wild West shootout in apartments all over the city.

My message to the government, if you make guns illegal, expect mass retaliation.


  1. Hear, hear! I have no use for guns, but I have great use for freedom. I am far more disturbed by government restricting peoples' natural rights, whether to own guns, to eat transfat or to drink big sodas than I am by crime, heart disease or obesity. Crime, heart disease and obesity are merely the state of nature, which is morally neutral. It is not out to get me; I can get out of its way. Totalitarianism, though is out to take my freedom. I can't get out of its way. Whether it is of the right or the left doesn't matter; either way, it subordinates my will to the will of someone who thinks he knows better than I do what's best for me. I'd rather be mugged by a common criminal who only wants my money, not my freedom.

  2. Though you may think that gun prohibition, forced healthcare, or bans on selling drinks over 16oz are the extent of the regulation of natural rights, I could write a new post everyday about a new fundamental freedom that the US gov't is taking away from citizens. If the mainstream media put out more 'stolen freedom' stories, we would invariably see widespread protests against the US gov't. How do we stop the government from stealing our freedom when people aren't even aware its happening?